Gladstone a hit at Heritage Festival

As part of this year’s Blackburn Heritage Festival on 12th and 13th September, the Gladstone’s View Project Team hosted a range of events and activities to showcase the area and to let people know just why we are so excited about this project.

Gladstone's View Exhibition at Blackburn Heritage Centre

Gladstone’s View Exhibition at Blackburn Heritage Centre

In the Town Hall, an exhibition about the project and the interesting history and heritage of the area proved popular with visitors. The event provided a rare opportunity to share the Planning Department’s photographic archive of the town which has never been on public display before.

A number of talks and walking tours introduced people to the project over the weekend and gave people the opportunity to discover some of the historic gems around Gladstone’s View.

Heritage Festival 2015

Town Hall

Hundred’s of people took the opportunity to meet the Mayor and explore the Mayor’s Parlour and Council Chambers while the Town Hall was open as part of the national Heritage Open Days scheme.

Pop-up Memory Cafe and Temperance Bar as part of the Blackburn Heritage Festival, September 2015

Pop-up Memory Cafe

To help us collect more of the areas history, BB1 Cafe on Northgate transformed in to a Memory Café and Pop-up Temperance Bar for the weekend. People were invited in to share their memories of King George’s Hall, Northgate, Blakey Moor and Lord Street West. As well as recording their memories on our iMac disguised as a vintage TV (!), visitors were able to sit and chat, telling their nostalgic stories area over tea, cake and Sarsaparilla.

Dressed in historic costume, local community artists Rianon Francis set up base at the foot of Gladstone’s statue and helped members of the public to visualise what they would like Gladstone’s View to be in the future.

Pain the Town Exhibition

Pain the Town Exhibition

Organised by The Bureau Centre for the Arts, a public challenge to create a painting in a day was held on the Saturday. With a special Townscape Heritage category, people took their canvases and set off all over the town to draw and paint their masterpieces. The paintings were exhibited and judged on Sunday at The Bureau and prizes awarded for junior, senior and Townscape Heritage category.