Exciting options emerging


Great meeting today with the Project Team and guests from Blackburn College. Colliers presented their initial findings on various options for the Blakey Moor terrace and Buttress showed us some lovely drawings of how the block could look after renovation.

Blakey Moor - Bpast (1)

The drawings were based on these old photographs of the terrace that show it with lovely traditional shopsfronts. The photo below predates the alterations to the upper floors at the far end of the block and shows signage for the National Federation of Old Age Pensioners.

blakey moor old photo

Together with initial design concepts that are being developed for the public space by Planit-IE, the amazing potential for this area is starting to come alive.

The drawings really do help people to visualise what the area could be like and we can’t wait to be able to share them with everyone else (watch this space!).

As well as the Townscape Heritage Project, we also discussed potential redevelopment opportunities for some of the important sites around the area including the Council owned former Waves building and the College’s vacant Blakey Moor building. Representatives from Blackburn Collage invited the Team to present to their Board later this month.