Consulting on the skills gap

photo 2

Thanks to all the students and staff that took the time to attend our Heritage Skills talk and consultation event at Blackburn College this afternoon. We were expecting a small group of construction students, so were pretty surprised to walk into a full lecture theatre!

Grant Prescott, Conservation Architect from Buttress did a great job in explaining what ‘heritage’ means and why it’s important and we got some useful feedback from students on heritage skills training.

One of the most valuable bits of the day was our round-table talks with some of the Construction staff. We thrashed out some pretty good ideas about how the Gladstone’s View Project might help to engage students in heritage conservation and traditional skills.

What really came through from both teachers and students was the need for us to try and create opportunities for students to get involved with real life projects. As a result, we’ll definitely be including¬†as much of this as possible in our project – from initial design work, to inspirational visits, job shadowing and work experience on site.