Blackburn shines for VIP visit


Exciting times as Gladstone’s View receives a VIP visit from the Heritage Lottery North West Team and members of the Heritage Lottery Fund Committee who will be involved in the final decision on our project funding.

Brian Bailey, Director of Planning and Prosperity took the opportunity to brief the party on some of the town’s recent regeneration schemes and explain how the Townscape Heritage Project forms an important part of our wider vision for the regeneration of Blackburn.  The Townscape Heritage Team presented the background and proposals for some of the key buildings within the project before taking everyone outside to see the area and point out some of the amazing architectural heritage that remains.

Luckily the sun was shining, shops were open and streets busy with shoppers and students. The potential of this historic area sold itself well and our visitors went away very impressed.

Now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and wait until June, when the Heritage Lottery will decide whether to award Blackburn the £1.5 million funding needed to bring this project alive.


VIP tour passes by former Baroque pub, recently acquired by the Council to support the development of Blackburn’s Cultural Quarter.