Ambitious plans illustrated with CGI


One of the UK’s leading Architectural Visualisation companies, Virtual Planit have been working hard to provide us with two stunning computer generated images (CGI) of what Blakey Moor could look like with investment from the Townscape Heritage Project.

As well as making it easier to share our vision for the area, the images also helped us to demonstrate to the Heritage Lottery the quality of scheme we want to deliver.

The life-like images of day time and evening show how retaining, enhancing and reinstating the area’s heritage is central to our approach to the economic regeneration of the area.

Blakey Moor terrace is shown with a fully reinstated traditional shopfront and just one upper floor, as it would have been originally. It’s vibrant new use for cafes and restaurants compliments King George’s Hall, which stands illuminated and busy with visitors.

Historic photographs of the area were used to inform the design of the new shopfronts.

For many people, it’s difficult to see the potential in the area when they look at how it is today. It is hoped that these images will also help visitors, property owners, businesses and investors to visualise the opportunities that are just around the corner.

Gladstones view same shot as CGI visual

Blakey Moor as it is today


CGI visualisation of how Blakey Moor could be



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