Apprentices on-site

apprentices on blakey moor

Apprentice carpenters Lewis and Adam are already benefiting from the Townscape Heritage Project. Working alongside the Council’s Property Maintenance Team, today they installed hoardings along Blakey Moor Terrace.

As our priority project, parts of the Victorian Blakey Moor Terrace are being boarded up in preparation for renovation works – hopefully to begin next year. The properties have been vacant for a number of years as a result of their poor condition. Structural damage, dry rot, decayed joinery and Knot Weed are just a few of the problems we’ll be tackling here. That’s before we even start on the reinstatement of historic shop fronts!


In the meantime, the hoardings will provide a great opportunity to showcase our ambition restoration scheme for the terrace which has been beautifully illustrated for us by Virtual Planit.


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