Live Project: Student site visit


Blackburn University students made their first site visit to  Lord Street West today. As part of their final year courses within the University’s construction department, three teams of students will be helping the Townscape Heritage Project to develop schemes that could bring three vacant properties back into use.


So far the students have been undertaking desk research and have made trips to Lancashire archives to try and undercover some historical information about the street.

Today was the first opportunity the students have had to visit the buildings they have been studying and they made the most of it – viewing, photographing, measuring and sketching every nook and cranny.

They uncovered some amazing heritage as well as some gruesome disrepair. Over the next few weeks, they’ll be putting their heads together to come up with some deliverable solutions for these historic properties.

Inside the former bank, the bank managers office retains its original wood paneling in almost pristine condition.

Unfortunately the rest of the building is not so pretty.

14 Lord Street West (above Community Clothing) holds many intriguing secrets, but will require some real imagination to bring about a workable access solution needed to bring the upper floors back into use.



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