Tackling damp with Alan Gardner


Damp and timber repair training might not sound the most exciting thing in the world to do, but when we were invited to attend the course led by Alan Gardner – historic buildings guru, how could we refuse?

The free course was just one part of an historic building materials training programme delivered at Liverpool John Moores University, organised and funded by our friends at Prescott Townscape Heritage Initiative.

Alan delivered a really great introduction to the problems historic buildings can face with damp and a pretty comprehensive guide to what we can do about it.

His mantra of less is more when it comes to chemical damp treatments was very persuasive and the basic principle of dealing with the cause BEFORE considering any treatment is a lesson worth remembering.

As well as considering damp and timber repair, Alan also gave us the low down on a few bugs and beetles that we should be looking out for, an introduction to building types and a fascinating history of paint.

Who would have thought learning to distinguish between different types of mold could be so interesting! Thanks Alan.

Over the next five years, the Blackburn Townscape Heritage Project will be offering a range of free training opportunities for property owners, professionals, students and members of the public. Keep up to date by checking our Events page or by getting in touch.  


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