What’s in a name?

THI Blakey Moor Logo-Colour

Whats in a name? Well, quite a lot and when the people of Blackburn speak we listen. Although we are fond of Gladstone, our consultations revealed that people love Blakey Moor more! So we are officially changing the name of our Townscape Heritage Project from Gladstone’s View to Blakey Moor.


The original ‘Gladstone’s View’ Townscape Heritage Project title was inspired by the grand statue of William Gladstone that stands on the axis of Northgate, Blakey Moor and New Market Street. From here, Gladstone enjoys a panoramic vista of the project area – and we thought it apt to name the project ‘Gladstone’s View’ for the purpose of our Heritage Lottery Funding application.


However, during public consultation on the project proposals in 2016 we discovered that the name ‘Blakey Moor’ held much more significance to local people in terms of history, heritage and identity. People are familiar with Blakey Moor as a distinct area of the town centre and many expressed fond memories of the place – some of work, some of education, shopping, visiting King George’s Hall, Waves, the Ribblesdale….or even Baroque!

As part of the market research that informed the development of the project, specialist consultants Colliers International also identified that the area was more commonly recognised as Blakey Moor and commercially this established identity would be a much easier to enhance and promote.

Although Gladstone’s statue will continue to play a crucial role in the project as one of the areas key heritage assets, the project will be renamed.

Of course, we’ll also still be giving Gladstone a professional clean and treating him to some skilled conservation and repair work on his broken finger.




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