Bat Girls

bat girls

The Bat Girl’s visited us today to help us establish whether we have any bats or wildlife in our buildings. As part of any development, there is a legal obligation to identify any habitats and species that may be present (like bats and birds) that may be affected by the proposed works. Suzannah and Donna are actually professional Ecologists that work for Capita Real Estate and will undertake a full ecology survey on all of the Council owned properties within the Townscape Heritage Project.


Attic room at Lord Street West


Armed with their ecology knowhow and various gadgets and gizmos, they ventured into a number of properties to poke around in the dusty attics and eaves looking for signs of our fury friends.


Lesser Horseshoe Bat (not photographed in our buildings!)

According to Suzanne, Blackburn town centre is actually home to a lot of bats, so although we are hoping not to find any it wouldn’t be unusual if we do. Their report should be complete in a few weeks and if we do have company then we’ll continue to work with Suzanne and Donna to identify the best way to keep them happy.


It was great to come across yet more interesting professions in the construction industry. Suzanne and Donna do lots of different things as part of their jobs as Ecologists, but said doing bat surveys was one of their favourite things – despite dark, dusty and sometimes derelict conditions.

What does an Ecologist do?



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