Painted transoms


We recently noticed a couple of interesting panels above doorways in the Townscape Area that looked like they could be glass transoms. Today in the archives I found pictures that confirm this.

Subway Blakey Moor

The two properties on Northgate and Blakey Moor are very similar with almost identical doorways but both have been subject to an element of modernisation in recent years. Hard to imagine why anyone would have ever thought it necessary to paint over beautiful glass work like this. Lets hope with a little TLC they can be restored to their original glory.


This photo from our Planning archives (cira. 1980s). clearly shows the unpainted leaded glass and heavy door at 31 Northhgate.

DSCF0450Transom, original door and windows were still in place in 2007.


Unfortunately today, the original ground floor windows have and door have been replaced with modern steel frames. The windows have been made bigger and original doorway step removed (to allow for disabled access). The transom has been painted but at least it survives.

This property is eligible for a significant Townscape Heritage grant, so we hope to be working with the owner to deliver a scheme that repairs these mistakes.





One thought on “Painted transoms

  1. A lot of the town centre buildings could do with some sort of protection for their original features, without being detrimental to the function of the occupiers. It should be noted that many buildings change hands several times a decade in some cases, so to change windows really is a shame, especially if the function changes again over time.


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