K6 Telephone


Our K6 has seen better days

Blakey Moor is home to the town’s only Grade II listed K6 Telephone Kiosk.

Designed in 1935 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the K6 is a classic square kiosk, domed roof design made of cast iron. Once a familiar sight on streets across the country, the red telephone box has now largely been replaced by more contemporary structures. Those that still exist are often much loved as a national British design icon.

As part of the Townscape Heritage project, it is hoped that the phone box could be restored and even given a new use.


The K6 just visible by the Ribblesdale Hotel in this picture of Audley Range Church Scouts parade, April 1966. Photograph by Brian Houghton

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For more information about Blackburn’s history and heritage visit http://www.cottontown.org


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